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(S)ending Retreat

On Saturday, May 4, the Office of Students & Alumni will be hosting a day to initiate the process of orienting all 2019 graduating students to “life post-graduate school.” This annual (S)ending retreat is mandatory for all 2019 graduates. During this time, you will have the opportunity to interact with each other, alumni from your degree programs, and a variety of practical helps and workshops as you anticipate the coming endings, new beginnings, and the ever pressing job-search.

This event is rescheduled from February when it was cancelled due to inclement weather. An invitation to RSVP will be emailed two weeks prior to the event to ensure the accommodation of dietary needs for the meals.


Saturday, May 4
Breakfast, Entering a season of Transition, Learning about Life as Alumni, Conversation with Alumni Chapter Facilitators, Lunch

You will choose two of the following Alumni-led Vocational Development Breakout Sessions to attend, followed by a closing session in the Large Classroom.

  • Yoga
  • Starting a Private Practice
  • Working in a Church
  • Working in Community Mental Health
  • Working for/running a Non-profit
  • Innovating with Your Degree