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(S)ending Licensure Workshop

In this (S)ending Workshop, Kristen Houston, Director of Academic Services, and Phil Doud, Academics Coordinator, will present information about applying for counseling licensure. The first half of the workshop will focus on Washington, and the second half will focus on other states. For those unable to attend, the information in this presentation will be made available as a viewable slideshow.

(S)ending is a season of gatherings, workshops, and rituals designed to support graduating students through the transition of becoming alumni. Students are invited to reflect upon the many gifts, skills, and abilities that they already possess; remember the stories, significant moments, and community that have brought them to this place; and begin to identify what is needed for the journey ahead. Alumni from a variety of vocational contexts return to facilitate workshops offering practical tips, portfolio and network-building skills, as well as offer space to listen for what is seeking to emerge through this particular journey of transition.