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Ministry Roundtable: How We Gather Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has upheaved many aspects of community life, adding the need for discussion and decision around what was previously assumed or culturally sustained. What format best facilitates online connection? Do we meet on-site? Do we sing? How many people do we gather? How do we host hybrid worship – some people in person and some online? How do we welcome newcomers? How do we stay connected to one another?

However your community is currently answering those questions — whether you are in “WFH” (Worship From Home), meeting in person, or anywhere in between — you are invited to discuss at The Seattle School.

This roundtable event welcomes lay and ordained ministry leaders to discuss the challenges of how we gather now, offering resources and support across ministries and traditions. The bulk of our time together will be in small breakout groups to discuss and resource one another around a specific topic of gathering (virtually, on site, or hybrid) the Body of Christ in pandemic.

As we prepare, we invite your questions and resources; a form to do so will be sent in your registration confirmation email. Your experiences and resources are vital to this conversation. By sharing our learnings with one another, we help others avoid painful learning experiences, and glean from theirs. Faculty and staff of The Seattle School will be in attendance to learn from your experiences as we train ministry leaders to lead faith communities.