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Integrative Project Symposium 2023

The Integrative Project serves as a capstone for students in our theology programs as they both look back on their training and discern what it will look like for them to serve God and neighbor in their post-graduate contexts. Integrative Project presentations synthesize the project thesis along with the student’s experience and research in creating their final project. We invite you to join us as we engage with these stellar scholars about their work!

The Seattle School’s alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and the Seattle community at large are invited to witness and celebrate the bold, thoughtful, and creative work of our graduating theology students. This in-person event will take place in the Large Classroom where audience members can view the symposium presentations. Refreshments will be provided. Videos of each presentation will be posted after the event on our blog.

As a response to student feedback expressing a desire to engage the event online, the Student Council has collaborated with Academics to help host the event on Zoom. Please see the weekly community newsletter for the Zoom link.

Each of the presenters is a candidate for graduation at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology in either our Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Theology & Culture.


Beth Alford: “When Religion Becomes Traumatic: How Women Regain Agency, Reignite Imagination and Rewrite Their Lives After Fundamentalism”

Philip Hayes: “Racism and White American Christianity: Toward a New Theological Imagination”

Emily Knorr: “Fundamentalism as Erasure: The Implications of a Culture Committed to Certainty and an Imagination for a Different Way”

Sonja Lund: “Remembering We Are Dust: Challenging and Renewing American Protestant Theologies of Death”

Torie Pilkington: “From Separation to Connection: Life-Giving Possibilities of Alternative Spiritual Storytelling”

Michele Rogers: “And So We Feast! Meditations on Community, Food, and Hope”

Ginger Terrell: “Wounded Healers: Depression Among Spiritual Leaders”

Felicia Tran: “An Interdisciplinary Exploration Using ChatGPT for Critical Translingual Pedagogical Approaches in Theological Learning”