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2019 (Re)Orientation

(Re)Orientation is an annual gathering where faculty, staff, returning and incoming students come together to (re)connect and (re)orient ourselves to the trajectory of the coming year at The Seattle School.  

Our academic and co-curricular programming will both look a bit different this year!  Along with the new common curriculum, we will be introducing a new and improved life cycle program, designed to grow structures of connection and support within our existing community rhythms so that they are more accessible for you, more robust in content, and more sustainable for all of us.  We have been grateful for student input over the past several years, and look forward to sharing these changes with you as we continue to grow together.

(Re)Orientation is an important rhythm in our student lifecycle and participation is required for all students.  

Partners and families are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Schedule for (Re)Orientation:
12:00pm — Lunch for all students, staff, faculty, and our families
1:00pm — Welcome from Dr. J. Derek McNeil and Paul Steinke
1:30pm — Campus Safety & Title IX
2:00pm — (Re)Orienting to our new and improved Student Lifecycle Program
2:15pm — Degree breakout sessions
3:30pm — Closing Prayer