“I will always be studying and knowing and growing because God is so much beyond my own intellect. This is the place where our knowing can expand beyond the small ways that maybe we have been taught. In order for people to step into healing, we need a renewed imagination that steps beyond what we’ve known before.” Dr. Chelle Stearns

Students at The Seattle School learn to encounter and sit with stories—including their own. How we were formed, our way of being in the world, and our relationship to God and neighbor all have a profound impact on who we are and who we will become. Understanding how these areas intersect is critical to a student’s formation as a therapist, counselor, pastor, leader, or artist. 

Here, Dr. Chelle Stearns and counseling psychology students reflect on their own journeys through the program and how they’ve been transformed at this intersection of theology and psychology along the way. Learn more about our graduate programs including our Master of Theology & Culture and our Master of Counseling Psychology.