“A blank page is terrifying…”

“The last time I wrote a paper, the year started with 19 not 20…”

“Friends ask me to proofread their papers; I love helping people’s ideas come through the written word…”

“Am I supposed to already know what APA Style means?”

“I like writing for myself, but writing assignments stress/overwhelm/bore me”

Are any of these thoughts familiar? Entering a graduate program involves a great deal of transition, and for many students, academic writing can feel like a daunting hill to ascend or a muscle that hasn’t been stretched in a long time. Maybe you’re a confident writer but would like some help navigating the integrative type of assignments you’ll be asked to write here. However you’re feeling as the fall term approaches, I want to invite you to consider being a part of the Writing Workshop this year.

My name is Dr. Kj Swanson, an affiliate professor of Theology & Culture here at The Seattle School and the Writing Workshop instructor. I am also a Seattle School MDiv alum and supervise the team of Assistant Instructors, whom you will get to know well this year. In terms of  academic writing, I am admittedly much more of a Hermione Granger than a Ron Weasley (I love research!!!), but I don’t think a week passes that I’m not learning something new about the writing process. The Writing Workshop is one of the neatest things I get to do in my work at this school, and I hope you’ll be a part of it this year.

The Writing Workshop at The Seattle School is recommended for all, regardless of your confidence level as a writer. While all the writing you will do at The Seattle School requires technical competence, much of it asks for a high level of personal engagement as well. The workshop is designed to familiarize you with the genres of writing, research, synthesis, and criticism that you’ll do in your time as a student here. And more than that, the workshop provides space to experiment with and explore study methods and sustainable work habits to help you re-calibrate your previous academic experience towards the often unexpected dynamics that come with graduate level study. The purpose of the workshop is as much about adjusting to graduate school life as it is about refreshing your memory on thesis statements.

Based on your application to The Seattle School, we believe that you can do the work we ask of our students, and we hope that the Writing Workshop will help equip you to confidently step into the writing you will do here. I highly recommend registering—it’s a great way to connect with your cohort and get a jump start on assignments for the fall term. You are guaranteed to be challenged, have fun, and leave with tools, techniques, and the confidence to overcome the mountain of writing ahead!


We offer two sections of Writing Workshops: one before and one during the fall term. Section 1 will be held as a pre-term intensive in August on the following days from 12:30-4:00pm:

Section 2 will be offered weekly throughout the beginning of fall term, 10:00am-12:00pm on Mondays. While the pre-term workshop is focused on getting ready for the fall, the Weekly Workshop provides space to brainstorm and peer review your course assignments as they occur. Both sections will be listed on the course schedule on the website under the code WW for Writing Workshop.

Some other important things to note:

What to Expect

Friendly Reminder

Writing is a labor of love and one that takes practice. We’ve all stared at a blank screen without knowing how to start or even what to say. The Writing Workshop is a great way to step into the fray without the pressure of a grade, so why not play?