After nineteen years of publishing quality, multidisciplinary content at the intersection of theology and culture, The Seattle School is excited to announce that The Other Journal is now offering multi-tiered subscription access. The journal will continue publishing two interdisciplinary issues per year, and it will be accessed and distributed in new and exciting ways.

With this tiered model, readers can sign up to receive The Other Journal in one of three mediums:

Speaking about these new access points for the journal, President of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, J. Derek McNeil says, “We find ourselves in a season of transition worldwide, a season defined by cultural fragmentation and mistrust within this country. However, it is also a moment of great possibility and re-imagination. In such a time as this, The Other Journal is an essential conversation partner as they infuse questions of God into the modern cultural discourse. More importantly, they invite us to ask the question: Where is God active? as we pursue meaning in the midst of the chaos. I’m deeply grateful for their partnership and companionship.”

Subscribing in any of these three new options will make possible this new phase of the journal’s work. “It’s a really exciting time for the journal,” said Editor-in-Chief Zachary Thomas Settle. “The subscription service lets us build on the good work we’ve been doing while also positioning us to address some much-needed issues and develop some exciting new projects.” With the funds generated by this new endeavor, The Other Journal plans to begin paying authors for their work, fund original artwork to be featured in each issue, and launch a podcast network.

Choose your subscription at Our editorial team and authors appreciate your support and engagement.

About The Other Journal

The Other Journal is a twice-yearly print and digital journal that aims to create space for Christian interdisciplinary reflection, exploration, and expression at the intersection of theology and culture for the sake of transforming relations (political, social, religious, and interpersonal). As “a new slant for our times,” The Other Journal is creating a community of critical theological and interdisciplinary discourse that bolsters and imbues cruciform practice for the sake of transforming (interpersonal, social, political, and spiritual) relations.