Here at The Seattle School, we talk about the Lifecycle of students and alumni. While every practitioner who trains at The Seattle School has their own unique stories and journey through this place, there are some shared rhythms and formational pathways that all students follow through our degree programs. Over time, we have collected data from students and alumni to help us understand the seasons of formation that students experience. Our student lifecycle gatherings are ways that we seek to support each student on their particular journey through The Seattle School and into their work as alumni.

The Office of Students & Alumni provides Lifecycle Gatherings to support students throughout each season of their lifecycle as Students at The Seattle School. At each gathering we will take a step back to engage in conversations to help you navigate your own pathway through your time in this community of learning practitioners. 

We have divided Lifecycle Gatherings into 3 phases: first year, middle years, and (e)ending year. While your student journey will look different depending on your degree and pace, each student begins by applying and matriculating to The Seattle School, and going through Orientation as a first year student.  

First Year Student Lifecycle Gatherings:

The first year in graduate school can be quite a challenge. Whether you’ve just finished an undergraduate degree or are returning to school after quite some time, becoming a student at The Seattle School means learning a new language, developing new skills, and examining your own beliefs and stories for the purpose of deep formation. This work takes courage, community, and practice. 

First Year Student Lifecycle Gatherings begin your first week at (Re)Orientation and Frameworks & Intersections where we partner with academics to connect you with the faculty in your degree program as well as with the students who are ahead of you on this journey. Later in the fall term, we connect you with leaders from student groups and help you find ways to connect with others in the community as you seek to find the balance of life in a learning community. 

We also partner with Student Leadership to offer places of connection and renewal through Vespers, our annual Christmas Party, and Spring Banquet. As the year continues, we’ll offer gatherings to engage in reflection and practice around how you are experiencing formation at The Seattle School and what kind of culture and community you are co-creating.

For more information about Student Lifecycle Groups, you can contact Daniel Tidwell, Alumni Programs Coordinator at: