A warm welcome from your library staff! We are looking forward to getting to know you and to support you in your learning during and after your time at The Seattle School. The library offers a variety of resources and services to meet the teaching and learning needs of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of our school. We strive to be your partner in your educational endeavors—not merely a storehouse of information, but a place to enter into dialogue with both the resources and the library staff.

Library resources include subscriptions to the major psychology and theology research databases, online journal packages, a physical collection of academic books, fiction, and poetry, and a rich film collection uniquely curated for the Seattle School community. In addition, we provide access to an ever-increasing collection of more than 200,000 electronic books in a wide range of academic disciplines.

In addition, due to the limited access to the physical library during the pandemic, we are adding digital versions of required and heavily utilized books when they are available for institutional purchase and are within budgetary allowances. Links to those books will be on the class pages in Populi (MyCampus) and in the library catalog.

I am eagerly anticipating the days when we will be able to gather together. Many of you have visited the school and are aware that you enter the library almost as soon as you come into the building. Sharing the space with the school’s front desk, the Commons (our student lounge), and the bookstore, the library endeavors to be a warm, welcoming (but not always quiet) place to connect with fellow students, find help with projects and research, eat lunch, have a cup of coffee, or even grab a nap (on quiet days). Until the time comes when it is safe to be physically present, we are excited to figure out together how we can recreate these experiences in different but equally valuable ways.

Your library staff includes:

Cheryl Goodwin, Director of Library Services. Cheryl also serves as the Director of Institutional Assessment. This involves coordinating our accreditation efforts and providing support to our academic and administrative departments as they seek to continually evaluate and improve our programs, classes, and services. Cheryl loves to travel (primarily to Hawaii and Scotland) and enjoys the antics of her year-old granddaughter, Penelope, and her yellow Labrador, Sam.

Mary Rainwater, part-time Library Specialist. Mary’s official responsibility is obtaining interlibrary loans from other university libraries for items we don’t have. Her primary passion is film, and she thoroughly enjoys discussions about the relative merits and faults of new and classic movies. Mary takes several weeks off each spring to attend the Seattle International Film Festival, and the knowledge she gains from this experience is the primary reason we have such a robust film collection.

Cheryl & Mary