Artist Statement

To hold hope for all us people wandering, stumbling and fumbling towards home, I have to believe that Love is all that matters in the end. No human being will ever be fully conscious of all the ways he or she misses the point of this life. There are always blind spots in our quest to be whole… I think this is true for everyone. Therefore, despite all the hate and war and arrogance and greed, I choose to believe that Love will level the field and we will all get home, and nothing and no one will be lost in the end. How can I not hold this hope for us all, if I am learning to hold it for myself and all that is not finished within me.

Listener Reflection

“When I listen to “Leveling the Field” in the context of Advent, I remember the Advent promise that one day the ‘field will be level’ again—which brings tears for me as I stay aware of all the terrible things happening socially/politically/economically these days.” — Dana Mitchell, MA in Theology & Culture ‘12 and MA in Counseling Psychology ‘16

Experience more from Deb at Substation on Wednesday, December 6. She will be performing songs from her latest release in collaboration with four other songwriters.