As we announced recently on the text.soul.culture podcast, this season we’ll be introducing occasional ‘minisodes’ to accompany our longer, more in-depth conversations. Each minisode will offer a brief snapshot of some aspect of life in community here at The Seattle School.

This week, as we observe Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, we start with a simple question: “What does the season of Lent mean to you?” We loved the range of responses—confusion, intrigue, gratitude, solemnity, and more—as faculty, staff, students, and alumni around our building reflected on that question.

“If Advent is preparation for Christ’s coming, is Lent preparation for Christ’s death?”

We hope you enjoy this first text.soul.culture minisode, and that the responses stir your own curiosity about what this season of repentance, confession, and wilderness wandering might mean for you.

Thank you to all of those who participated by sharing their thoughts:

Corinne Vance (MACP, MACS ‘11)
Krista Law (MACP ‘12, MACS ‘13), Assistant Instructor
Cameron Cary, third-year MATC student
Angie Van De Mark, third-year MATC student
Dr. Ron Ruthruff, Associate Professor of Theology & Culture
Ruth Droullard, third-year MATC student
Dr. Craig Detweiler, President
Ben Oldham (MDiv, ‘10), Senior Admissions Counselor