Matriculate | transitive verb: to enroll as a member of a body and especially of a college or university

Introducing Matriculate, a special series on our Intersections blog, where our admissions team, faculty, staff, alumni, and current students come together to welcome and resource incoming students navigating the liminal space between enrolling and fully matriculating.

Starting next week, our Intersections blog will begin featuring regular Matriculate posts for incoming students. Topics will range from purchasing a bus pass to faculty introductions, descriptions of Seattle neighborhoods, and letters from current students about their own journeys here.

Matriculate is primarily geared towards incoming students, though we hope it will also offer some relief around the unknowns that can make the prospect of starting graduate studies so daunting. You never know, it might just provide the inspiration and support you need to apply!

We’re also excited to share the Matriculate Field Guide with you soon—a comprehensive guide for incoming students. It will contain all the information pertaining to important dates, class registration, paying for school, and other details to keep in mind as the fall approaches. The Field Guide includes live links that are accessible when viewed digitally, but can also be downloaded and printed as needed. Keep an eye out for that next week!

To all of our incoming students, we are thrilled to have you join us in the rewarding and challenging work of transformation. We also know that this time between enrollment and matriculation can feel like you are living between worlds. May the words you read here from members of The Seattle School community, your community, bring you encouragement, inspiration, and wonder as you anticipate this new season of life and work. Know that we too are anticipating your arrival, and even as you come seeking your own transformation, we can’t wait to see how your presence here will shape us as well.