Every other Wednesday I meet with my practicum facilitator (or the “I”m Feeling Guy” as my husband refers to him) on the fourth floor of The Seattle School building at 11am. At noon I move to the big black leather slouch of a couch down the hall and journal about it. Then at 12:30pm I gather, with other students.



A different 3rd year MDiv student facilitates our time every week.

It’s always different and always a little clumsy and very heartfelt. I’m a crier so I usually cry. We sit on the floor or on benches.  We put a prayer in the wall or light a candle. We gaze upon the icons and breath deeply.  We exchange the peace and read outloud. We talk or listen, drink and eat.



Then we leave.
We walk downstairs and heat up our lunch.
We head to the classroom or library.
We go on about our day.


Read Leanna’s follow-up story from her fourth year, “Communion & Difference.”