Today on the text.soul.culture podcast, we’re spending a few minutes with the students and alumni who recently participated in our 2018 Artist Residency. The Artist Residency is an annual opportunity for members of our community to spend a week in the building, making the space their own as they draw, paint, sculpt, and create both individually and collectively.

“After I’ve drawn someone’s face I love them more, because I know them better.”

In this minisode, the artists reflect on what it’s like to inhabit our red brick building outside of their familiar role as students. How is their art uniquely impacted by these classrooms and hallways where they have spent years wrestling with big ideas and difficult questions?

“Probably what I will take away more than anything is the people that I spent the time with,” says Genevra Vanhoozer, MA in Counseling Psychology student. “I will carry them with me, I’ll carry them in my body. The work is good, it’s important, but I see the people as just as much, if not more essential.”

The theme of this year’s residency was “Repairer of the Breach,” and the artists were hosted by poet and Assistant Instructor Brittany Deininger (MA in Theology & Culture, ‘17). We’re grateful for those who spoke with us for this podcast, and for all of the artists whose presence and creation during the residency have left a mark in our building: