There are many important rhythms taking place throughout the year here, but few leave the building looking and sounding as beautiful as the Artist Residency. The Artist Residency is an annual opportunity for members of our community to spend a week in the building, making the space their own as they create art both individually and in community. Each evening, artists come together around the table for dinner and fellowship with one another for conversation and rest during the creative process. We sat down to interview a few of the artists towards the end of this year’s residency about what they are working on and how they are being formed.

“I feel like I’m having a week-long presence session with myself—almost like a week-long personal growth moment.”

The theme of this year’s residency centered around finding beauty, though each artist was encouraged to explore the theme using their own approach. We’re grateful for these artists in our community, whose presence and creation during the residency have left a mark in our building:

– Ellen Cline
– Elise Hanson
– Johnny Hiett
– Judy Ko
– Kelsey LaBelle
– Lucas McGee
– Emi Sigrist