A few months ago, the school gathered in a form of a “homecoming” to hear our alumni present on flourishing at our fifth annual Symposia. This year the theme centered around what it means to truly flourish. Today, we’re sharing the first half of their presentations, each inviting us to pause and reflect on the insightful, evolving work of our alumni and how they embody text.soul.culture outside our walls.

A Case for Embodiment: Reframing Anti-Oppression Work
Grace Rock (MACP ‘14) & Elise Hale-Case (MACP ‘15, MATC ‘16)

Grace and Elise, using Resmaa Menakem’s book “My Grandmother’s Hands” and other, similar sources, explored how we can refocus anti-oppression work towards deeper embodiment, resilience, and healing, beginning with a trauma-informed lens.

A New Life After Death
Andrew (MACP ‘10) and Christy Bauman

Andrew and Christy bring their vulnerability and heartache as they explore flourishing after loss in their presentation.

Can Female Anger and Subversion be an Element of Spiritual Flourishing?
Charissa Bradstreet (MDiv ‘04)

Using examples from her own life and journey, Charissa sheds light on how our culture continues to view women’s anger and subversion and turns to scripture and tradition to see if any of those themes can be found.

Flourishing After Suffering
Kate Davis (MDiv ‘15)

Kate, also the Director of the Resilient Leaders Project, seeks to help others understand how pain, failure, burnout, and grief are all part of the path to flourishing.

Heroic Allies: Roleplaying Games As Gateways To Playful Flourishing
Phil Doud (MDiv ‘13)

Phil discusses how roleplaying games can be a powerful tool for someone’s growth, creativity, and community. Heroically is also the name of Phil’s life coaching practice, designed to help people in helping professions by providing opportunities for play and creativity.


Stay tuned for part two featuring the second half of our alumni presenters, exploring topics such as internalized racism, the weakness of God, and attuning to your self.