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We warmly extend an invitation to be a part of the 2024 cohort at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology! Your notice of intent, regardless of your decision, is requested by the date provided on your acceptance notification.

If you choose to enroll, you will be prompted to make a $250 tuition deposit. Your deposit will be applied to your first trimester’s tuition and is refundable until June 15, 2024. This step is essential to complete your enrollment and secure your seat in the cohort.

You are welcome to direct your questions to our Graduate Admissions Team (

Graduate Degree Enrollment 2024-2025

2021-11-4 GL Cloned from Graduate Enrollment 2021-2022 form

2024-03-5 ATH Edited copy for this year
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1. Check that the form pre-populates with the correct applicant's information

3. Check that the application is updated

4. Check that an opportunity record is created for the payment

5. Check that all a notice of intent document is added to the application

6. Check that the correct charge is made in auth,net (and then have Accounting cancel it)

7. Check that the proper questions appear for both Deferred and Applied

This application is not ready for enrollment, or has already enrolled.  If you feel this is in error, please contact

New Address

Notice of Intent

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Family Information
You are enrolling in graduate school, but in a way, so is your family. We care about them and would love to know of your spouse/partner and children, if applicable, so we may anticipate them, too. 

Financial Services Profile 
The Student Financial Services Profile provides The Seattle School with important information to assist us in supporting you through the process of paying for graduate school. This profile is required for all incoming students regardless of whether or not you decide to receive student loan funding. For additional information regarding financial aid, please visit:

*You must be enrolled in at least 4 credits in the Fall and Winter Trimesters and at least 3 credits in the Spring Trimester to be eligible to receive student loan funding. 

The Seattle School offers a payment plan for those desiring to cover some or all of their education costs out of pocket. The payment plan divides your total education costs for the term into three equal payments due on the first Friday of each month. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with student loans. 

Statement of Agreement
My signature below certifies that the above information is true and correct to my knowledge. I understand that by submitting this Notice of Intent and my tuition deposit I am willfully choosing to enroll in a graduate program at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.  I have read, fully understand, and agree to respect and observe the cultural values and student expectations as stated in the Student Handbook and Academic Catalog.

Enrollment Deposit - Do Not Update