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Everything you need to know about applying for community audit at The Seattle School

Applications for our Fall courses will open in August. 

Start your Application for Community Audit

We offer both non-degree and community audit admission for individuals desiring to get their feet wet by taking a course or two; students enrolled in other graduate programs who want to take a course for transfer credit; professionals seeking continuing education units; and curious folks who simply love learning. All are welcome.

Community audit students have the opportunity to participate in our learning community by attending classes. An official record and transcript is provided but coursework is not credit bearing. The transcript provides outlines seat hours, which serves as proof of seat hours for continuing education units.

Disclaimer: Some courses are not available for community audit participation. The Registrar reserves the right to limit community audit enrollment in any course. Graduate level credit cannot be granted after the fact; your decision to receive or not to receive credit is final for each course. Community audit students do not have the privilege of inviting guests.

Alumni Voucher

Alumni have the opportunity to have tuition waived for one community audit course per academic year. This alumni tuition voucher does not cover the cost of continuing education units.

Alumni CEU Rates
3 CEUs — $90
6 CEUs — $170
10 CEUs — $250

Community Audit Application Process

Step 1: Complete the online application

The first step in the application process is completing the online application form. This gives us more context about who you are and what you are hoping to achieve at The Seattle School. The application form requires 20-30 minutes and must be completed in one sitting. There is no cost to apply.

Please note that you must submit your application at least two weeks prior to the start of the course that you wish to take.

Start your Application for Community Audit

Step 2: Schedule an advising session

Our Office of Enrollment will schedule an advising session with you to learn more about your vocational goals and confirm course eligibility and availability.