Recommendation for Admission

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Please reflect on the applicant's capacity in the following categories:
Maturity & Integrity
The applicant demonstrates an appropriate level of maturity and authenticity in relationships and interpersonal interactions. The applicant is honest, considerate, and sincere.

Emotional & Social Awareness
The applicant is emotionally and socially aware, attentive, and engaging. The applicant has the capacity to engage difference curiosity and hospitality. The applicant demonstrates self-control and appropriate boundaries. The applicant is attuned to and empathetic to the thoughts and feelings of others.

Capacity for Self-Reflection
The applicant is aware of her/himself in relationship to others. The applicant can think critically about her/his own story and articulate their emotional experiences. The applicant is willing to receive constructive feedback and exhibits a desire to grow.

Theological Engagement
The applicant exhibits a desire to learn within a theological learning community. The applicant is genuinely interested in growing her/his faith by engaging the biblical narrative.

Intellectual Curiosity
The applicant's education and/or life experiences reflect a diversity of learning. The applicant is articulate, thoughtful, and able to be productive in both writing and speech. The applicant exhibits aptitude and readiness for graduate level study.

Reference Information

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