Always Winter, Never Christmas: An Advent Reflection

Brody Hed is a first-year MACP student from Minnesota whose passion for literature and story evolved into a love of helping others see the beauty of their own journey. This passion led him to pursue camp ministry, writing, student development, to now studying counseling psychology at The Seattle School. Advent. A season of looking forward […]

Commencement 2019: Adventure is in My Bones

Every year at Commencement, the graduating class and faculty select three students—one from each degree program—to offer words of blessing and calling. Here, we’re sharing the full video and text of the speech by Cameron Carter, MA in Theology & Culture, about transitioning from the death of an ending into the resurrection of hope and […]

Peace Beyond Advent

Rebekah Vickery writes that the hope and peace of Advent—especially amidst darkness and chaos—is so much more than a once-a-year story.

Weary and Thrilled: An Advent Proclamation

Danielle Castillejo writes about everyday moments when stress looms close in the dark, and the ongoing proclamation of Advent that carries in the light.

Advent, Childbirth, and a Moment Worth Pondering

Abby Wong-Heffter writes about Mary, childbirth, trauma, and what a surprising moment of calm might reveal about our own cultural context.

Dignity in Advent

For The Seattle School’s annual Advent series, Kae Eaton writes about an incarnational posture that affirms the dignity and humanity of all people.

Moving Toward Advent: We Are Made Undone

Nicole Greenwald reflects on the disruption of incarnation, and on the Advent invitation to ponder consent, receptivity, belief, and asylum.

Waiting in Advent

As we celebrate and gather with our friends and loved ones, we also know that Christmas carries a profound weightiness—a reminder of loss and of all that has yet to be made right. Here, Jana Detrick, a first-year MA in Counseling Psychology student, shares her hope and prayer that the surprising scandal of the season […]

Illuminate: An Advent Poem

As the mystery of Advent and the frenzy of the holidays culminate in this day, the day we celebrate God’s embodiment in our midst, may we find space for rest and reflection. May the hope of Immanuel grow new life, new joy, and new compassion in our lives and in our communities. And may this poem, […]

Fear Not: An Advent Call

It seems fitting that the Winter Solstice marks the seasonal culmination of darkness just a few days out from Christmas, since it is in our darkest moments and our longest nights when we most need the Messiah. Here, Rachael Clinton, Assistant Director of Admissions and a member of The Allender Center’s Teaching Staff, writes about […]

The Particular Scandal of Advent

Yesterday, the faculty and staff of The Seattle School gathered for our annual Christmas luncheon. Dr. Keith Anderson, President of The Seattle School, offered this Advent reflection, about the particularity of the birth of Christ and the scandalous challenge that it presents to all of us. May you find in his words a reminder of […]

Advent 2015: Seeking the God Who Is With Us—A Call for Submissions

The falling leaves and the afternoon’s fading light mark the approach of another season of Advent. As a community that savors the seasons through storytelling, we are preparing to launch our second annual Advent series, featuring reflections from students, faculty, and staff about everything that this season holds, and everything that it calls us to. […]