• Master of Divinity

    We believe that the future of the church depends on an understanding of theology being alive only as it is lived in relationship.

    The Seattle School’s Master of Divinity program engages students in a process of holistic integration while also developing pastoral and theological skills. Our goal is to form leaders who embody an intuitive, prophetic, and healing presence in their communities, in their relationships, and in service to God’s mission.

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  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

    We believe the strongest tool that a therapist brings to the therapeutic relationship is a deep understanding of their presence in relationship.

    The Seattle School’s Counseling Psychology program is committed to an integrative, experiential, and formational practice of psychotherapy. We prepare therapists to enter the beauty and brokenness of their own stories in order to better meet others with courage, compassion, and awe.

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  • Master of Arts in Theology & Culture

    We believe personal vocation is an outpouring of the image of a creative God—and we have created a degree as unique as your calling.

    The Seattle School’s Theology & Culture program is training leaders, artists, and social entrepreneurs to attune themselves to the narratives of God, culture, themselves, and others in order to become transformative storytellers and imaginative provocateurs of change.

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  • Leadership in the New Parish Certificate

    The Seattle School is partnering with the Parish Collective to facilitate a practitioner think-tank to equip leaders in reimagining missional innovation and church revitalization.

    Leadership in the New Parish is an imaginative, collaborative, and transformative program where leaders join together to passionately engage the intersections of God’s story, their personal story, and the story of their particular neighborhood.

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  • Training Certificates at The Allender Center

    We train professionals in a narrative framework for understanding and engaging the impact of trauma and abuse within the therapeutic relationship.

    The Advanced Counseling Certificate is designed to cultivate counselors and therapists with an embodied presence, deeply aware of the impact of their own story and courageous enough to unearth and name the impact of trauma and abuse in the stories of others.

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