Annual Fund

The formation of The Seattle School began around a kitchen table, where a gathering of a few passionate dreamers dared to imagine a new kind of theological and psychological training. Since 1997 The Seattle School has been committed to developing pastors, therapists, and leaders to be competent in the study of text, soul, and culture in order to serve God and neighbor through transforming relationships. To date The Seattle School has sent out over 865 alumni from our degree programs and thousands of participants from our conferences, workshops, and training programs. These women and men are salt and light in the world; they are daily offering hope, cultivating justice, and birthing creativity. Your generous investment in our mission offsets 30% of our operating budget, allowing us to make graduate education as accessible as possible by keeping tuition costs down.

Your investment in the Annual Fund allows us to embody our mission and deepen our impact.


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Allender Center Fund

The Allender Center at The Seattle School was created in 2010 to steward and advance the legacy of Dr. Dan Allender. The mission of The Allender Center is to help people learn to tell their stories with awareness and integrity, and to train people to listen and engage the stories of others with artistry and skill. The Allender Center is a pioneering organization committed to boldly engaging the impact of trauma and abuse, foster redemption and healing for individuals, couples, and communities; and train leaders and therapists to steward healing with courage and care.

Your investment in The Allender Center Fund ensures that this important work of fostering redemption and healing continues.


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Scholarship Fund

The cost of graduate education is high, but more than ever, the world is in need of called, gifted, and trained women and men who are able to creatively serve as therapists, pastors, leaders, and artists for the sake of God’s kingdom. This year the Scholarship Fund will provide $50,000 in scholarships to students through five awards.

Alumni Scholarship for Leadership Excellence: Awarded to students who have embodied exceptional leadership in a church or community context.

Brave Bauman Scholarship: Awarded to first year MACP students who have experienced a tragedy that deeply shaped their sense of identity, calling, and relationship to God.

Family Fee Waiver Scholarship: Awarded to students who are single parents or spouses/partners who are concurrently enrolled and exhibit a commitment to both vocation and family.

Master of Divinity Scholarship: – Awarded to MDiv students who embody a vocational call to the church and a desire to be a healing presence within the global community.

Multicultural Scholarship: Awarded to students who come from underrepresented racial or ethnic communities who exhibit awareness of the impact their cultural identity has on their vocational calling.

Your investment in the Scholarship Fund will embolden a leader.


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Planned Giving

A planned gift is a thoughtful investment in sustaining the mission of The Seattle School well into the future. Planned gifts provide means to preserve current assets and reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes while making an enduring contribution to The Seattle School and may be made in the form of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, or an insurance policy designation. They may be made by will or trust through which you may direct either a specific dollar amount (e.g. $25,000) or a percentage of assets (e.g. 25%) and can be used to establish or contribute to an endowment or for a designed purpose. To honor your planned gift you will be invited to be a member of The Legacy Group.

Your planned gift will ensure the mission of The Seattle School continues well into the future.


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Leaving a Legacy

When our children were small, writing and updating our wills was a ‘no brainer’. We were concerned about making sure our children would be provided for as they grew, and thus everything was left to them. Over the years we have been blessed to watch and participate in the stunning process of our sons growing to be mature men of integrity. We no longer worry about them as we once did. So last year, as we were updating our wills, we decided to leave a legacy to The Seattle School in order to participate with God in the transformative work of the school.

Randee and I were first introduced to the school through counseling with Dan Allender and benefitting from his conferences and books – all of which brought significant change to our lives and our marriage. Four years ago we transplanted cross-country so I could enroll at The Seattle School. Leaving a legacy to the school represents our deep gratitude to God and to the men and women, professors and staff at the school who have battled on our behalf. Through my journey at The Seattle School, the space within myself has grown exponentially, which has allowed for God to become bigger within me. He takes up more space inside me, and for that, Randee and I will be eternally grateful.

Why did we make a legacy gift to The Seattle School? More so, the question was, why not? God is on the move at The Seattle School and we know our gift will support the transformation He is bringing about through it. We very much feel that everything we have belongs to God. We’re learning to hold things more lightly than we have in the past. We trust this wild and passionate God more and in doing so, we want to follow more closely where He is leading. So again my question would be…why not leave a legacy to The Seattle School?
– Corinne & Randee Vance

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