Your First Assignment

We’re excited to share a special post with you today about your very first assignment as a Seattle School student! For many years we’ve had a tradition of asking our incoming cohort to creatively introduce themselves to our community using a simple sheet of paper. Playfully titled, Who Am I?, this non-graded assignment is a way of collectively introducing the people, perspectives, and stories that make up the Fall 2018 cohort.

Compositions will become part of an art installation in our Community Gallery on the 3rd floor. When it comes time to rotate our gallery, these pages will be gathered into a portfolio and archived in the Back Alley alongside more than a decade of cohorts who have participated in this assignment. These pages are a part of our community’s story, and they’re a blessing to peruse as a reminder of who we are and why we came here.

Who Am I

Using an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, answer the question: Who are You? You may be as creative as you’d like: collage, paint, sketch, color, write a poem, a song, a story, include your picture or a picture of those people, places, or things you love…or don’t. Your only limitation is the 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Please only use one side, stay within the confines of the page, and include your name somewhere on the page.

If you have questions about this assignment, please contact our Dean of Students and Field Abbot, Paul Steinke (

We’ve included a smattering of Who Am I? pages from past cohorts below, and if you’d like more inspiration, you can visit past Who Am I portfolios on the bookshelves in the Back Alley (behind the bookstore).