Henri Matisse painted “La Danse” in 1910, and we have adopted its vibrant spirit as a symbol for the Kingdom community we hope to embody and to see flourish in the world. Reimagined by alumnus Phil Nellis, “La Danse Revisited” is a piece commissioned by our community to remind us who we are: a diverse community struggling to learn, labor, love, and serve together around the interplay of text, soul, and culture. “La Danse Revisited” is as a symbol of our individual and communal beauty and brokenness as we move to the rhythms of our Triune God calling us to dance with God, each other, and the world in which we live. There is much we have learned and have yet to learn on this journey.

The La Danse Award

There are those among us who remind us of the community we have set out to be—those who continue to risk, to participate, and to embody this way of life in our midst and on our behalf. Each spring, we honor The Seattle School community and four individuals—one faculty, one staff, and two students or spouses—who have inspired us, set an example for us, and challenged us in our commitments while making our days here rich in meaning.

La Danse Award Recipients

2014 (Artist: Melissa Rudin Yakey, MACP, 2016)
  • Heather Barnes, MACP (2014), MDiv (2015)
  • Elise Hale-Case, MACP, 2015
  • Ligaya Avila, Staff
  • Chelle Stearns, Faculty
  • The Seattle School Community
2013 (Artist: Austin Sailors, MACP, 2013)
  • Mallory Larsen, MATC, 2013
  • Jorge Tovar, MACP, 2013
  • Molly Kenzler, Staff
  • Derek McNeil, Faculty
  • The Seattle School Community
2012 (Artist: Sarah Swift, MACP 2014)
  • Dan Cumberland, MACS, 2012
  • Hilary Ann Golden, MDIV, 2012
  • Tim Reber, Staff
  • Tom Cashman, Faculty
  • The Seattle School Community
2011 (Artist: Jackie Mouton, MACS, 2011)
  • Eric Mason, MACP, 2011
  • Richard Kim, MDIV, 2010
  • Cheryl Goodwin, Staff
  • Chelle Stearns, Faculty
  • The Seattle School Community
2010 (Artist: Joshua Longbrake, MDIV, 2010)
  • Diamond Dang, MACP, 2010
  • Rachael Clinton, MDIV, 2010
  • Paul Steinke, Staff
  • Steve Call, Faculty
  • The Seattle School Community
2009 (Artist: Mike Menconi, MACP 2009)
  • Smruti Desai, MACP, 2009
  • Deb Montgomery, MACP, 2009
  • Anne Belk, Staff
  • Dwight Friesen, Faculty
  • The Seattle School Community
2008 (Artist: Jen Grabarczyk, MACS 2009)
  • Josh Sandoz, MACP, 2008
  • Jennifer Clark, Spouse
  • Kristen Houston, Staff
  • Jo-Ann Badley, Faculty
  • The Seattle School Community
2007 (Artist: Jarod Singleton, MACS)
  • Jennifer Grabarczyk, MACS, 2009
  • Cathy Loerzel, MACP, 2007
  • Matt Summy, Staff
  • Stephanie Neill, Faculty
  • The Seattle School Community