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2017-06-01 GL Reworked the form to identify and document parameters, etc. Changed the certificate dollar amount, start date, and GL Code. Removed scholarship date cut-off calculations. Ideally this should be done BEFORE any applications are created. Any applications created before the amount is updated will need to be manually changed to reflect the new amount.

2017-04-07 GL Added conditional to the creation of the feeditem in the SalesForce connector, to make sure that a photo actually exists before trying to load it.
Parameters - Update Before Deploying
SalesForce Parameters - Probably Do Not Change
Calculations - Do Not Change 

Please limit file size to under 2MBs.

Please format as (10/22/1970)

Authorize.net parameters - Do Not Change

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School(s) attended

Please format as (05/10/1970)

Please format as (09/10/1972)


Recommendations & Compliance

Please provide two references.  We reserve the right to contact the references you provide to inquire about your character and readiness for the program. 

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The Seattle School seeks to set a table for discourse in the intersections of theology, psychology, culture, and spirituality. That means we embrace in our life and work a commitment to racial, ethnic, and gender diversity and an inclusive welcome to communions represented in the global church. Our admissions philosophy is to receive applications without discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual identity, sexual orientation, military status, or denomination.

The intent behind this question is to gather information about significant psychiatric or psychological treatment (e.g. recent experience or memory of intense trauma, onset of PTSD, hospitalization, suicide attempts, in-patient rehab). As a community we encourage and honor personal therapeutic work and do not discriminate against individuals who have sought help. If your answer to this question is "yes", we'd like to gain a greater understanding of where you are at in your own process in order to decide together whether or not this program would be safe and honoring for you at this time.

Costs & Accessibility

We believe the impact of this program on leaders and the communities they serve is well worth the investment. And, we understand that costs may be a barrier. A limited number of grants are available. To express in this funding, please provide additional context below.

Grant Funding

Application Fee

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