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Recommendations & Compliance

Please provide two references.  We reserve the right to contact the references you provide to inquire about your character and readiness for the program. 

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The intent behind this question is to gather information about significant psychiatric or psychological treatment (e.g. recent experience or memory of intense trauma, onset of PTSD, hospitalization, suicide attempts, in-patient rehab). As a community we encourage and honor personal therapeutic work and do not discriminate against individuals who have sought help. If your answer to this question is "yes", we'd like to gain a greater understanding of where you are at in your own process in order to decide together whether or not this program would be safe and honoring for you at this time.

Payment Information

The cost of the Leadership in the New Parish certificate is $3950. Travel, lodging, and other expenses are not included in the cost of the program. We accept Americorp and other funding from outside sources. Tuition is not eligible for a charitable tax deduction.


A limited amount of scholarship funding is available for those demonstrating financial need. If you need financial support to make this training more accessible, please check the box below and describe your circumstances. Requests made before June 1, 2016 will be consider when your application is reviewed. Please be aware that scholarships range from $250-$1000. You will still be responsible for the majority of the cost of the certificate program. It is possible to find other avenues to help assist with the financial responsibility such as partnering with organizations, networks, or individuals you may be connected with.
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