Abby Wong-Heffter headshot

Abby Wong-Heffter, MA

Abby Wong-Heffter graduated from The Seattle School with an MA in Counseling Psychology in 2007. She joined the Teaching Staff at The Allender Center in 2010, and she is currently an Adjunct Faculty member at The Seattle School.

Abby is a licensed mental health therapist in private practice. She is passionate about joining those who have experienced oppression and marginalization and seeks empowerment, reconciliation, freedom, and a growing sense of beauty on behalf of her clients. Abby has previously worked as a counselor with war-affected youth in Northern Uganda and as a crisis Child and Family Therapist in Seattle. In these early therapeutic encounters, she engaged families during moments of trauma, grief, distress, chaos, and defiance. She became specialized in addressing attachment issues, especially with adopted and foster children, helping parents and caregivers learn how to translate aggressive behaviors into meaning making. In her private practice, Abby focuses on treating adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, seeing that at the core of trauma and exploitation there is often a deep reality of orphanhood.

In all realms of her work, Abby has encountered those who have felt that their most tender, precious, and vulnerable aspects of self have been threatened or shattered. She considers it a great privilege and honor to traverse these often treacherous and stunning paths alongside clients, students, and Allender Center participants. You can read more about Abby at