Covenant and Release of Claims

The Story Workshop
The Allender Center at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

The Allender Center ("Center") is a part of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology ("The Seattle School"). The Center offers Story Workshop programs ("Program"). Your participation in the Program is conditioned on your agreeing to the terms of this Covenant and Release of Claims ("Covenant"), among other things. Please carefully review this document and contact Jeanette White at 206 876-6112 if you have any questions. Thank you.

  1. Content and Risks. I have read about the purpose and content of the Program by reviewing the information at I understand The Story Workshop is a unique psycho-educational experience that allows participants to engage their life stories. The sessions are designed to encourage one to engage in his or her story in a holistic way by exploring psychological, spiritual, biological, and social aspects of both the personal and collective experience of their life stories. I understand this program is not therapy and does not act as a substitute for therapeutic engagement. I understand the Program involves the exploration of my own story and the stories of others in the Program. The content of these stories may involve disturbing content or other disturbing material. I also understand that by participating in the Program, I may discover and share about sensitive elements of my life experiences, and this may be very upsetting to me. I also understand the Program facilitators, teachers, and other participants may reflect or comment on my own story in ways that I find disturbing or upsetting (for example, their conclusions may be different from the conclusions or the story I have held as true). I understand the risks involved in participating in the Program. I have adequately dealt with my personal issues, and I am mentally, emotionally, and psychologically healthy enough to participate in the Program. If at any time I do not believe I am mentally, emotionally, or psychologically healthy enough to continue to participate in the Program, I will withdraw from the Program and take care of myself. The Seattle School and Program Releasees (defined below) are not responsible for the costs I incur to take care of myself. No refunds are allowed, except according to The Seattle School's refund policy for its Story Workshop programs.
  2. Sharing; Confidentiality; Removal.
    1. I will be assigned to a small group as a part of the Program. I understand the importance of participating in my small group discussions. I also understand that small group participation is a major part of the Program. I will share my personal information and story in my assigned small group. However, I will only share what I determine is appropriate and beneficial for me to share. I am solely responsible for my setting my own boundaries and taking care of myself during the Program, including the small group work.
    2. Because others in my small group will be sharing personal information about themselves, I will keep confidential all personal information I learn about those in my small group, including their names and any information they might share about themselves during the small group work. I will not share that information with anyone outside my small group, except as required by law.
    3. I may be removed from the Program if I do not pay the registration fees and other costs when due. I may also be removed from the Program if The Seattle School, in its sole discretion, determines that my continued participation in the Program or my small group is disruptive to the learning environment. If I am removed from the Program for being disruptive, I understand The Seattle School will not refund fees, deposits, or travel and other expense I paid to participate in the Program.
  3. Medical Consent. I grant The Seattle School permission to call 911 for medical emergency aid or to take me to a hospital or physician for medical treatment, or both, if any employee or agent of The Seattle School believes I require medical care. I assume responsibility for all medical, rescue, transportation, and other expenses incurred on my behalf. Without limiting this permission or my assumption of responsibility for all associated expenses, I agree The Seattle School, the Center, Dr. Allender, or the other Program educators or facilitators may call 911 or take me to a hospital emergency room or a physician if I express any intent to harm myself or others, or if any of them believe I may be a danger to myself or others. Nothing in the Covenant requires The Seattle School, the Center, Dr. Allender, or any other Program educator, facilitator, agent, or volunteer to take any action on my behalf.
  4. Waiver and Release of Claims.
    1. The following terms have the following definitions:
      1. "Claim" means any claim, damages, fee (including attorneys' fees), cost, expense, and other liability.
      2. "Program Releasees" means The Seattle School and its former, current, and future trustees, officers, employees, contractors, and other agents, including Dan Allender and those providing instruction or small group facilitation for the Program.
    2. I hereby release the Program Releasees from and against all Claims, whether known or unknown, suspected or suspected, and whether existing now or arising in the future, that are related to my participation in the Program, including Claims related to my withdrawal or removal from the Program. This release of Claims is binding on me and on any person who asserts any Claim through me or on my behalf. This release of Claims does not apply to any Claim against a particular Program Releasee to the extent the Claim is caused by the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of that particular Program Releasee. I waive any rights I have under the California Civil Code section 1542 and any other similar statute that limits the release of Claims to those Claims that I know of or suspect might exist at the time I sign this Covenant. I am releasing unknown and unsuspected Claims, which if known to me now, might materially affect my decision to participate in the Program or sign this Covenant.
    3. Governing Law; Venue; and Personal Jurisdiction. This Covenant is governed by the laws of the State of Washington, except for its conflict of laws provisions. Venue for any action to enforce the terms of this Covenant is in King County, Washington. I hereby subject myself to the personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in King County, Washington.