This time of year often brings about conflicting thoughts and emotions. Giving thanks is a simple gesture in seasons of abundance, but can seem like an insurmountable mountain in seasons of grief. Here, Emilie Stoneham, a second-year MACP student, vulnerably shares her thoughts on the intersection of grief and gratitude.

“You Remain”

To be grateful for a love that was lost is a beautiful sorrow and a savored gift.

There was no light
Until the rain sweetly fell
Running down my face
As tears of gratitude
Washing the dim away.

Now branches bend in the breeze
to whisper your name in my ear.
I hear them as I walk past
And find even as I leave them
You remain.

And you remain
Each moment I remember
The words you spoke aloud
In the dark.

I know they are true
When sweet rain falls.