You spent this past week settling into new homes, purchasing last minute books, figuring out your commute, or perhaps even driving to Seattle in a moving truck. Know that we are conscious of the days to come for you and the energy, vulnerability, and depth you have already brought to this process of arriving. There are so many exciting things ahead! This week you’re participating in Orientation & (Re)Orienation. After the Labor Day holiday come all the fun activities of The Seattle School Community Weekend, and after that, your first full week of classes as you begin to settle into a regular rhythm. You are now fully matriculated students at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and in case you didn’t know, we are thrilled you are here!

It has been such a privilege and a delight to anticipate your arrival and to curate this blog on your behalf. We’ve worked hard to provide those of you new to Seattle with a wealth of resources about becoming a Seattleite.

We’ve introduced all of you to so many of the wonderful people who teach, serve, create and administrate to keep this learning community thriving. Current students and alumni have shared about their own experiences of matriculating to The Seattle School.

We’ve connected you to resources regarding financial aid, class registration, Listening Lab, how to steward shared community space and so much more. And we’ve tried to have some fun along the way!

Now it’s time to bring Matriculate to a close. Although we won’t be updating the blog from this point forward, we will keep it live so you can come back and visit throughout the next few months. (Sidenote: If you haven’t yet been following Intersections at The Seattle School, please do!)

As you engage all of your stirring anticipation, enthusiasm, anxiety, wonder, and ambivalence, we hope you can take time to hold these feelings and the largeness of the new adventure on which you are embarking. May there be markers for you in moments of self care and pause, as you lean into this risk and follow your soul’s heartbeat.

It has been a true joy to have journeyed with you as you approach this threshold. It’s an honor to hold your stories of beginning, and we’ll certainly be here (on the 4th floor) to remind you—in the seasons when it’s hard to remember—why you first chose to start the journey you’re now undertaking. Know that our team deeply looks forward to hearing, seeing, and bearing witness to how your stories with The Seattle School continue to unfold.

With joy and gratitude,
Ben, Daniel, Lauren, and Nicole