In honor of the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful summer weather, we thought we’d highlight Seattle’s park system, which is by far one of the greatest attributes of the city. No matter what neighborhood you live in, you will be in walking distance to a great park space! Each park has different amenities to offer, so take the time to figure which park will be your go-to for different activities. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite spots by category. We know you will find your own favorites, and hope you can savor all the time you get to spend in them.

Best Views

Best for Picnics and Lawn Games

Best for Sunny Days on the Water

Parks with options for swimming, paddle boarding/canoeing, getting sun, etc.

Best for Exercise

Parks with hiking trails, running/walking paths, bike lanes, etc.

Your Turn

For those of you who are local, let us and your fellow incoming students know some of your favorite spots in the 2019 Facebook cohort page!