Resilient Leaders Project

Resources & Research

The primary goal of Resilient Leaders Project is to learn with and about the wellbeing of Christian leaders. We work to find ways to listen more deeply to the challenges ministry leaders face, to the skills and practices that help them thrive, and to the ways those skills and practices can be developed.

Over the last few years, we’ve pored over existing research, administered surveys, interviewed exemplars, and continue to converse with pastors and leaders every chance we get. Then we take all those learnings and trace the themes, metaphors, and tools, connecting the threads of all those lifetimes of learnings — learning from experience and empirical research — and put it all into (what we hope are) approachable resources.

They’re meant to be shared, so feel free to print, share, and forward to your colleagues and partners in ministry.

Report 1: The Resilience Report

The report contains our best learnings on what resilience is, why we need it, how we go about strengthening it, and how it connects to the Christian tradition.

Report 2: Flourishing in Service

In this report, we share our conversations with alumni of The Seattle School’s various programs, asking the question: What is ministry today?


Webinar Series: Resilience in Crisis

In an early response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted a free webinar series to support, resource, and encourage leaders and practitioners.

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Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your responses to these reports, and your thoughts on what would be helpful pieces for us to focus on in the future. Email us at, with “Resources & Research” in the subject line.