The Office of Students and Alumni is pleased to offer (S)ending, a season of events and conversations designed to support graduating students through the transition of becoming alumni. (S)ending is intended to be a season of invitation, where students are asked to reflect upon the many gifts, skills, and abilities that they already possess, remember the stories, significant moments, and community that have brought them to this place, and begin to identify what is needed for the journey ahead.

Alumni from a variety of vocational contexts return to The Seattle School to facilitate workshops and small groups that offer practical tips, portfolio and network-building skills, as well as offer space to listen for what is seeking to emerge through this particular journey of transition.


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(S)ending Rhythms



(S)ending Retreat
Alumni Networking Visits
Quiet Mornings during Lent


Building your Résumé & Cover Letter
Counseling Licensure in Washington & Other States
Alumni Networking Visits
Quiet Mornings during Lent


Preparing for Job Interviews
Navigating LinkedIn
Counseling Licensure Exam Prep
Alumni Lecture Series


Integrative Project Presentations
Spring Banquet


Graduation Walk-Through
Graduates’ Breakfast & Open House

August & Beyond

Convocation & Community Picnic
Homecoming & Awaycoming
Alumni Portfolio Groups begin