Stephanie BerbecConnoisseur & Advocate
MATC Global & Social Partnership, 2013

Stephanie Berbec came to The Seattle School because she loved the conversations happening there. What she didn’t know is that her time at The Seattle School would change her conversation about the things she loves most: coffee and advocacy.


“The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, more than anything else, is responsible for what has become of my calling today. I was able to glean something from each class that aided in the thinking and exploration of my calling, ultimately leading to what became After Trade. Once my husband and I were able to put words to After Trade, there was no going back. We knew that our previous plans to have a coffee shop would never be enough or go far enough. We ditched our plans for the coffee shop with the realization that it only made sense to move to Tanzania and actually live this out, making After Trade a reality.”

“What allowed this realization was the freedom and structure within the MATC program at The Seattle School to explore the intersections in my own life—my passion for coffee and people and my theology—among a community of people who came to know me better than I am known in any other context. As I became more known to myself, I became more aware of what I have been called to do in the world.”

About Stephanie

Stephanie Elaine Berbec is the projects director of sustainable development for EITanzania and the co-founder of After Trade alongside her husband. The two are moving to Moshi, Tanzania where they will work with farmers and their families together to cultivate the land that yields coffee. For more info or to follow along with their journey, visit


Social Media

Facebook: /aftertrade
Twitter: @stephanieberbec


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