Paul QuinlivanJourneyman & Community Farmer
MATC Global & Social Partnership Track, projected graduation 2015

Paul Quinlivan entered graduate school in a season of searching. The Seattle School invited him to explore his desires, questions, and calling.


About Paul

Paul is a self-described Southern California surf rat in his 3rd year of the Theology & Culture and Counseling Psychology programs. When he is not studying by sorting through copious amounts of theological and psychological musings, he can be found wandering the wild Pacific Northwest landscapes in search of still, quiet places or tending to his garden and brood of backyard chickens with his wife, Alyssa.

In the summer of 2013 Paul hiked over 600 miles of the Pacific Crest trail and is currently in the process of writing his first book, So I Keep Walking…, about his experience with God, natural beauty, and his own grief and desire while on the trail.


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