Naomi WachiraMusician & Storyteller
MATC* Theology, Imagination, & the Arts Track, 2010

Naomi Wachira entered The Seattle School at a time when she had many questions about her faith. What she found was a community that welcomed her questions and encouraged her to explore them more deeply through her greatest passion: music.


About Naomi

Naomi Wachira was born and raised in a musical family in a small town called Kijabe, which is located on the Kenyan Great Rift Valley. At age 5 she joined her parents’ choir, which spurred her love affair with music as a way to not only understand the world, but also express her introverted self. Through age and a myriad of life experiences, Naomi has developed a songwriting style that is simple and evocative, delivered with sincerity.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Tracy Chapman and Miriam Makeba, she blends elements of African rhythm, American folk, and soul, offering her take on issues affecting society and telling her story as an African woman living in the diaspora. Her mission as an artist remains simple: to write music that is applicable to anyone regardless of their education, beliefs, or socio-economic status.


Social Media

Facebook: /Imanafricangirl
Twitter: @imanafricangirl


*The Master of Theology & Culture was still titled the Master of Christian Studies when Naomi graduated in 2010.


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