Lacy Clark EllmanCurator & Spiritual Guide
MATC* Interdisciplinary Studies Track, 2012

Lacy Clark Ellman wandered into The Seattle School looking for direction. What she found was a new path that incorporated the journey she had been on all along.


About Lacy

Lacy Clark Ellman is a writer, curator, designer, spiritual director, and guide and is a lover of food, books, spirituality, growing and making things, far off places, and lovely spaces. She writes about spirituality and intention in travels and daily life at and recently released her first book, Pilgrim Principles: Journeying with Intention in Everyday Life.


Social Media

Facebook: /asacredjourney
Twitter: @asacredjourney


*The Master of Theology & Culture was still titled the Master of Christian Studies when Lacy graduated in 2012.


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