Dan CumberlandVocational Catalyst & Entrepreneur
MATC* Interdisciplinary Studies Track, 2012

When he came to The Seattle School, Dan Cumberland was searching for his own meaningful vocation. What he discovered was a passion for guiding others on their own vocational journey.


“My passion is to help people know who they are and bring that to the world. I want to help people find the places of meaning in their life and story and where that intersects in the realm of work with using their agency on behalf of others. I want to transform the way we think about work from just being a place where we go to get paid to a place where we go to make an impact. I think there’s so much potential in the desires that every single person has to impact others for good. I want to call everyone back to those desires and help awaken them and tell them that it’s possible for those desires to be realized in the world.”

“My time at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology was so foundational to my own vocational process, particularly the professors, assistant instructors, facilitators, and students who continually invited more of myself and my desires and called them good. I think this is the realm of calling and vocation—the intersection between who you are and the work you do, who you are and the needs of the world, who you are and your agency—and that’s a big part of what happens at The Seattle School.”

About Dan

Dan Cumberland is an author, speaker, photographer, and vocational provocateur. He is the founder of The Meaning Movement—a community of people answering questions of work, meaning, and calling—and the author of The Meaning Manifesto: Six Foundational Truths for Work Worth Doing, which he is giving away on the blog.

When he’s not helping you pursue work that moves you, he is making photos with his wife and teammate, Stacia Cumberland, at Sparkfly Photography—a photography company specializing in relational and authentic storytelling.



Social Media

Facebook: /themeaningmovement
Twitter: @dancumberland


*The Master of Theology & Culture was still titled the Master of Christian Studies when Dan graduated in 2012.


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