Personal vocation is an outpouring of the image of a creative God. The Seattle School’s Master of Arts in Theology & Culture is as unique as your vocational calling.

We train innovative and adaptive leaders, artists, and advocates who are broadening and enriching the Christian call to serve God and neighbor in today’s varied contexts. The Theology & Culture program provides a catalyst to integrate your passions, skills, and imagination in order to engender a creative way of being in the midst of globalizing and intersecting cultures. At The Seattle School, we are cultivating provocateurs of change, and our alumni pathways show how this degree has prepared our alumni to meet the opportunities and challenges of their vocation.

Stephanie BerbecStephanie Berbec
Connoisseur & Advocate
Global & Social Partnership Track

Stephanie Berbec came to The Seattle School because she loved the conversations happening there. What she didn’t know is that her time at The Seattle School would change her conversation about the things she loves most: coffee and advocacy.

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Dan CumberlandDan Cumberland
Vocational Catalyst & Entrepreneur
Interdisciplinary Studies Track

When he came to The Seattle School, Dan Cumberland was searching for his own meaningful vocation. What he discovered was a passion for guiding others on their own vocational journey.

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Lacy Clark EllmanLacy Clark Ellman
Curator & Spiritual Guide
Interdisciplinary Studies Track

Lacy Clark Ellman wandered into The Seattle School looking for direction. What she found was a new path that incorporated the journey she had been on all along.

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Ryan KujaRyan Kuja
Missiologist & Surfer
Global & Social Partnership Track

Ryan Kuja had worked in missions for years, but wanted to learn how to more effectively integrate theology, psychology, and mission. His training at The Seattle School gave him a new understanding of his work, emphasizing the value of relationship in kingdom work.

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Paul QuinlivanPaul Quinlivan
Journeyman & Community Farmer
Global & Social Partnership Track

Paul Quinlivan entered graduate school in a season of searching. The Seattle School invited him to explore his desires, questions, and calling.

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Naomi WachiraNaomi Wachira
Musician & Storyteller
Theology, Imagination, & the Arts Track

Naomi Wachira entered The Seattle School at a time when she had many questions about her faith. What she found was a community that welcomed her questions and encouraged her to explore them more deeply through her greatest passion: music.

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