At the core of the New Parish paradigm is the belief that change and shalom happens through faithful presence. Leadership in the New Parish’s innovative, think-tank model fosters collaborative dialogue, entrepreneurial imagination, and narrative awareness that creates space for deep formation for you as a person and as a practitioner of place. Each immerse weekend experience is oriented around these liturgical values and rhythms:

As leaders and practitioners, it’s rare to find space to truly reflect on who we are and the ways in which our unique stories shape our presence, relationships, and practices. During each weekend intensive participants are invited to engage a particular story in a small group contexts. These intimate, leadership clusters allow participants to deepen vulnerability and discover the ways  your story matters to your community and how it can become a tool for understanding styles of relating and navigating leadership blocks.

Practice in Place
During this program, your parish is your primary locus for organic experimentation and theological reflection, supported by generative readings and ongoing discussions with your cohort. The curriculum is designed to invite you to rediscover the beauty and potential of your particular place. Each cohort experience is intentionally curated to be relational, collaborative, creative — reshaping your life and your neighborhood practices through real-time reflection. Participants will develop local practices as they reflect on their neighborhood with prayerful curiosity for their place, its people, and God’s desire for shalom.

Community of Practice
Leadership in the New Parish is a cohort of on the ground practitioners led by practitioner-faculty. Our collaborative, think-tank model and small group leadership clusters provides space to dream about incarnational work rooted in particular people in a particular place alongside a particular God. Our co-learning model is rooted in the belief that traditional, hierarchical education is not helpful for the new parish model. Instead, we believe that the imaginative ideas of scholars and the grounded discoveries of practitioners can enrich one another as they participate in God’s kingdom breaking forth in our neighborhoods.

Immersive Neighborhood Experiences
A hallmark of practicing faithful presence in place in the New Parish paradigm is walking. During the Leadership in the New Parish certificate program you will have the privilege of walking and listening to a number of diverse parish expressions in the Pacific Northwest region. These neighborhoods range from urban to suburban to rural and represent a diverse demographic and socio-economic realities. Deep learning and generative dialogue emerges place through these hands-on, fun field visits in communities with like-minded pioneers imagining the way of Jesus in their unique contexts.