The impact of globalization on culture, communities and, specifically, on the church has changed the theological and sociological landscape. The Seattle School has been focused on developing ministers to be leaders of reconciliation in places of tension – in our neighborhoods and faith communities, but on a global scale as well.

Our students are bridge-builders—they are equipped to be innovative in finding ways to listen and partner with the disenfranchised and carry out inter-faith, multicultural conversations. The MDiv education trains you to be uniquely positioned for global and social partnerships as pastors, missionaries, and community developers. These ministers of reconciliation have vocational hopes of stepping into places of injustice and oppression in nuanced ways partnering with nonprofits, para-church organizations, and churches.


Alumnus Richard Kim

Intercultural Credibility Consultant/Coordinator at The Seattle School

“Our neighborhoods and communities are rapidly changing. As organizations seek ways to connect with their changing surroundings, culture provides a framework for understanding these changes. Pastoring is about engaging people who are unique and different but at the same time, realizing they are deeply connected. Because of my MDiv from The Seattle School, I am able to engage the complexity of cultural categories while keeping in mind the deeper work of connecting and reconciling people.”


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