chaplaincyHaving emotional and therapeutic intelligence allows you to be a healing presence in the midst of the complex issues such as disease, death, war, and imprisonment. The Seattle School uniquely prepares chaplains to enter into relationship with those that are impacted by these difficult issues.

Students learn to journey with others through dark and unknown places with an authentic presence and deep compassion. They are able to hold both grief and joy, fear and hope. The skills and training necessary to be a chaplain are central in the MDiv program – you will graduate knowing your story in order to help others step into their own story.

Clinical Pastoral Education Credits – Seattle School students desiring CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) credentials can complete their training during their enrollment in the MDiv program at any Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) approved sites.

The Seattle School curriculum is interdisciplinary at its core and our MDiv program naturally includes substantial coursework in the realm of counseling psychology and cultural studies. Coursework that is especially helpful for chaplaincy candidates are:

  • CSL 509 – Multicultural Perspectives: Race and Culture
  • CSL 551 – First Year Practicum Part I: Story and Foundations of Interpersonal Dialogue
  • RLM 503 – Life Together I: Ancient-Future Focus for Church and Worship
  • RLM 504 – Life Together II: Relational Ethics for Church and Leadership
  • RLM 530 – MDiv Practicum II: Embodying Christ
  • RLM 531 – MDiv Practicum III: Embodying Christ
  • TCE 503 – Our Religious Impulse: Encountering Religious Otherness in a Multi-faith Context


kate_sweetAlumnae Kate Sweet

Spiritual Care Resident at Harborview Medical Center

My time at The Seattle School created fertile soil yielding abundant growth in the areas of ongoing personal transformation and deepening spirituality. I have become more rooted in grace, self-knowledge, and a desire to seek God within my relationships. As a result, I am able to accompany others with greater integrity and courage through some of life’s most challenging moments.


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