An investment in The Seattle School goes far beyond the walls of our building and into the communities in which our alumni are living and serving. Your generosity is the fuel for our work. Thank you.

Giving Levels

President’s Table: $30,000 or more
President’s Circle: $ 10,000-$29,999
President’s Club: $100-$9,999 and recurring donors

The President’s Table

The President’s Table exists for those donors leading the way in generously supporting the mission of The Seattle School. Members of the President’s Table come from various walks of life and live in places all around the world, but each member holds in common a deep commitment to supporting the transformation of leaders to serve God and neighbor. Members of The President’s Table are recognized in our annual report, receive quarterly updates from the President, and are invited to the annual President’s Table Dinner.

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Your generous investment will empower a generation of therapists, pastors, leaders, and artists to serve God and neighbor.

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The Legacy Group

Members of The Legacy Group are ensuring that the mission of The Seattle School continues to thrive well into the future. Membership is gained through making a planned gift in the form of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, or an insurance policy designation. Members of The Legacy Group are recognized online and in our annual report to honor their investment and to inspire others to consider their own legacy.

Legacy Group Members

  • Corinne & Randee Vance
  • Keith & Wendy Anderson

Become a member of The Legacy Group by making a planned gift.

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Your generous investment will ensure that the innovative work and impact of The Seattle School will continue into the future.