At The Seattle School, we believe that how we engage a conversation is just as important as the topic of conversation. Our mission has always been deeply connected to setting the table for discourse and genuine encounter. Through our gatherings and lectures we create space to honor the other, cultivate curiosity, and foster generativity. We hope you’ll join us at the intersection of text, soul, and culture as we curate gatherings, public lectures, conferences, and experiential events that create space to engage faith, story, culture, and one another.

Annual Conferences

The Inhabit Conference: Practice. Presence. Place.

Inhabit was founded in 2010 through an energetic partnership between The Seattle School and the Parish Collective. Each year practitioners, pastors, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and neighbors convene to connect, collaborate, and celebrate as they gather around God’s dream of reconciliation and renewal for the very particular place they call home. With a dynamic mix of participatory environments, insights from seasoned leaders, and rich storytelling, the Inhabit Conference is a uniquely creative event committed to reimagining church and transforming neighborhoods.

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Ongoing Lecture Series

The Stanley Grenz Lecture Series

The Stanley Grenz Lecture Series was established by the Dean’s Office and The Forum at The Seattle School in Fall 2013 to honor the memory of former professor and prolific scholar, Dr. Stanley Grenz. In his honor, the lecture series was designed to invite scholarly theological discourse into the public forum as an expression of Christian faith and service.

The Alumni Lecture Series

The Alumni Lecture Series was established by The Office of Students & Alumni to honor our many alumni who extend our mission beyond the walls 2501 Elliott Avenue. In their honor, The Alumni Lecture Series annually invites an artist whose body of work enters into the middle of humanity’s pain, joy, catastrophe, wonder, and suffering for what Father Alexander Schmemann calls “the life of the world”–the very place our alumni also lead us.

Humanity Through Community

Humanity Through Community is biennial event hosted by the Intercultural Credibility Resource Team gathering educators, practitioners and advocates in the realm of intercultural credibility to foster conversation, awareness, skills, and advocacy as we work toward living, working, and leading in culturally responsive ways.

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