Our events serve as an invitation to be a part of the transformation taking place within our community and a catalyst to embody that transformation in your own life and contexts. We hope you’ll join us!

The Forum at The Seattle School

The Forum at The Seattle School invites individuals from the Pacific Northwest, across the country, and around the globe to the table for thoughtful engagement and meaningful dialogue. The Forum embodies its mission to expand the collective imagination toward understanding self, God, and neighbor by gathering thought leaders, practitioners, and artists for a wide array of innovative and collaborative conferences, lectures, events, and experiences.

Katie Metzger

Event Coordinator at The Forum

The Allender Center at The Seattle School

The Seattle School is also home to The Allender Center, a pioneering organization stewarding the legacy of Dr. Dan Allender. The Allender Center embodies its mission to boldly engage the impact of trauma and abuse; foster redemption and healing for individuals, couples, and communities; and train leaders and therapists to listen and enter stories with artistry and skill through ongoing conferences, speaking engagements, workshops, and professional development trainings in Seattle and across the U.S.

Jeanette White

Program Director at The Allender Center