Integrative Project Symposium


June 2, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


The Seattle School | Large Classroom
2501 Elliott Ave
Seattle, WA 98121


Kristen Houston, Director of Academic Services, Registrar

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology will host the 2017 Integrative Project Symposium on June 2, when students from the Master of Divinity and MA in Theology & Culture programs will share the projects that serve as a capstone of their time in graduate school. With a compelling blend of research methodology and The Seattle School’s unique lens, the Integrative Projects are part of what makes our curriculum unique—born out of years of study, countless conversations with peers and faculty, and each student’s distinctive embodiment of text, soul, and culture. In this annual symposium, The Seattle School’s alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and the Seattle community at large are invited to witness and celebrate the bold, thoughtful, and creative work of our graduating theology students.

Since many of the presenters include creative art components in their research, The Seattle School is also hosting an Integrative Project gallery opening on May 25, featuring a variety of art from this year’s students. Collectively titled “From Trauma to Resilience: Art and Poetry as Witness,” the featured art will include stories, poetry, woodworking, and visual art.

Integrative Project Titles and Presenters

Deserts and Dragon Skins: Embracing Divine Silence and Otherness as a Balm for the Modern Soul
Emme Amble

Exposing Evil In Everyday Life
Cody Bormuth

Restoring the Soul
Demetrius Cooper

Found Hope:Developing a Theology of Trauma Engagement Through the Visual Arts
Sam Davis

Poiesis: What Poetry Can Teach Us about Healing, Hope and the Imagination
Brittany Deininger

A Trinitarian Imago Dei: How Reimagining Genesis Informs an Integral and Functional Creation Theology
Mary DeJong

Crafting The Table: Participation in the real through work and eating: a sacramental vision
Jordan Dowell

Spiritual Neglect: Anxiety and Depression and its reception in the American Evangelical Christian Church
Molly Erickson

Toward a Spirituality of Liberation: Reimagining Difference through a Theology of the Racialized Body
Jessica Hoekstra

Prayer, Poetry, and Pain: Learning to Lament
Hillary Kimsey

Idolatry of the Couple: Breaking the Idols that Ostracize Single Women in the Christian Community
Emily McBroom

Jesus and Buddha Kissed: Spiritual Promiscuity as an Enlightening Path for Christianity
Chris McPeak

Tracking Dirt in the Sanctuary: Restoring Authenticity to the Church
Maggie Parker

Exploring the Heart of Hungarian Identity: Trauma, Memory and Hope
Emeshea Petty

Looking for Hope: A Study of Humanity Through the Lenses of Identity, Vocation, and Community
Kenzi Roberson

Personhood, Intimacy, and Relational Flourishing: Implications on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Bodies
Matthias Roberts

Hinterlands of Meaning: Metaphor, Mediation, and Scripture
Elisabeth Schyberg




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