Cheryl Goodwin, M.L.S.

Director of Institutional Assessment
Director of Library Services

Cheryl Goodwin joined The Seattle School in 2006 as the Library Director and assumed the Director of Institutional Assessment responsibilities in 2009. Prior to coming to The Seattle School she spent twenty-four years as a medical librarian, where she was actively involved in local & regional professional associations. Cheryl received her B.A. in History (1979) from the University of California San Diego and her Master’s in Librarianship (1982) from the University of Washington. Cheryl comes from a diverse denominational background; she was raised in the Catholic Church, joined a Baptist church in college, moved to a Presbyterian church near her home when her children were school-age, and recently returned to the small congregational (nominally Baptist) church she attended when she first moved to Seattle. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband (Paul), adult daughters (Megan and Mary), and her “forever family.” She is also fortunate to have had the opportunity to take some amazing trips (Northern Ireland, Hawaii, Scotland, and Greece) in recent years and is looking forward to future ones.

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