Originally birthed out of the rich soils of Celtic monastic tradition, the role of an Anamchara is alive here at The Seattle School. An uncommon word to most of us, Anamchara comes to us as a Gaelic word that literally means “soul friend.” For the Celts, an Anamchara was one who embodied a servant’s heart in assisting, walking alongside, and giving of themselves to others through major life passages. They served as midwives, assisting in the birthing process of new life into the world. They were the shepherds whose life’s work focused on assisting others growth in faith, hope, and love. They were there with others, blessing, honoring, and serving them as they were on their deathbeds. In short, they were there, from beginning to end, serving as the hands and feet of Christ and creating contexts for “soulful” connections so that others may live more abundantly and more fully.

Stewarding the Commons

We keep an eye on the Commons, encouraging others to take responsibility for themselves, and listening to what is needed.

Neighborhood Dinners and Community Dinners

We identify neighborhood hosts and connect neighbors to dine together. We also cook food for the student body to have a meal together in the Commons.

Community Conversations

We create time and space for conversations to take place between administration, faculty/staff, and student body.


We grill burgers, hot dogs, and veggies and facilitate games and bonfires throughout the year.

Moving Help

We bring together people who are willing do some heavy lifting for first year students during their transition to life in Seattle.


We are available to and enjoy meeting for coffee in order to come alongside your journey as a student at The Seattle School.