The Quad consists of three students and one spouse of a student who collectively make up the student affairs team for The Seattle School. In order to more fully embody its mission, the leadership of The Seattle School made a commitment in the fall of 2002 to incorporate students into the leadership fabric of the institution in order to ensure The Seattle School was always connected to the face and voice of the students. As a result of this commitment, the Quad serves The Seattle School community in the unique position of being both staff and student as they facilitate the four realms of student leadership – Anamchara, Mosaic, Sacred Space, and Student Council.


Lynn Diepenbroek

Student Council Facilitator


Emily McBroom

Anamchara Facilitator

Alex Mrakovich

Sacred Space Facilitator


Mosaic Facilitator

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Quad members are chosen based on his/her desire, skill, and ability to facilitate one of the four realms of student leadership teams. Each potential quad member goes through a selection process involving a written application, interviews with Dean of Students & Alumni/Field Abbott and the current members of the quad.