Inter-: between
Cultural: the distinct ways people live in the world, shape meaning, represent their experience, and act creatively
Credibility: the quality or power of inspiring belief or capacity for belief

As the complexity of engaging difference continues to expand, The Seattle School is growing in its understanding and ability to engage in nuanced conversations by equipping the faculty, staff and students to honor the dignity of the other acknowledging inescapable sociocultural realities while heralding the irreducible mystery each person ultimately is, even to her/himself.

Toward this end, The Seattle School is committed to the work of intercultural credibility as a continual movement away from broad generalizations and the objectification of otherness and a movement towards an engagement that seeks to affirm the complexity of sociocultural systems while maintaining the dignity of all people through curricular and co-curricular content, institutional policy and culture, and interpersonal relationships.

Humanity Through Community

Humanity Through Community is biennial event hosted by the Intercultural Credibility Resource Team gathering educators, practitioners, and advocates in the realm of intercultural credibility to foster conversation, awareness, skills, and advocacy as we work toward living, working, and leading in culturally responsive ways.

MC Dinners

MC Dinners provide a space to affirm, support, encourage, celebrate and connect. We are a gathering of students from traditionally underrepresented race and ethnic groups who desire to engage the complexity of culture, identity, and formation at The Seattle School. We gather at least once a term to tell stories and process our journey through and after The Seattle School.

Intercultural Credibility Resource Team

The mission of the Intercultural Credibility Resource Team is to support and lead faculty and staff of The Seattle School in becoming a learning community that values and honors the dignity and diversity of all its members in order to better prepare its graduates to live, work, and lead in culturally responsive ways.

Meet the Members of the Intercultural Credibility Resource Team